Software Development

The applications and business software that you use to run your organisation and interface with customers determines your internal efficiency, business agility and your customers’ experience. While there are many excellent out-of-the-box software packages available, their mass-market, boiler-plate design can make using them a compromise. However, with some bespoke software development can transform an out of the box solution into a software package that works in harmony with your business.

When you run your business with bespoke software, written for how you want to operate, you can build in the efficiency and levels of service that you need to get the job done your way. If you need customer-facing applications and web portals, our bespoke software development team can design them to bring the best experience of your company to the market.

At Nehvi, we specialise in developing bespoke online, offline and mobile application solutions. Our software development team is based entirely in-house, and our focus is on creating solutions that improve your business’ efficiency, productivity and insight. If you are experiencing problems with your current software, or have integration issues, our bespoke software development team will write and implement modifications to overcome these problems. Crucially, we’re experienced in developing solutions with a strong end-user focus, incorporating ease-of-use for your employees and customers alike.

When we work with you, our starting point is to assess what you already have, and what your current issues are, before presenting you with options so you can control your costs. We use both open source and Microsoft platforms, as well as tools to create solutions that fit effortlessly within your business, so that you can focus on your work, rather than your software.

NSL CRM for Leisure

Our NSL CRM solution is designed for leisure centres, sporting and entertainment venues, and tourist attractions. It helps these organisations manage their customers from the initial engagement and ticketing, through to additional marketing activities, such as: segmentation, cross-selling and retention. It’s based on Microsoft software and is fully integrated within the MS Office suite.

PROP-SYS: Proposal Management

Our PROP-SYS solution is a system designed to help manage the sales-aid leasing process. It covers all stages of process, from the initial online proposal, through to the end of lease management. The interface consists of simple to use screens that intuitively guide the user through the lease process. A full audit trail is automatically generated via PROP-SYS’s integration with the Microsoft Dynamic CRM.

NSL CRM for Ticketing

Our NSL CRM Solution for Ticketing is a web-based package for ticketed events, sport, festivals and box offices. It helps organisations to manage, promote and sell ticketed events. Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, Ticketing provides a range of powerful marketing and reporting tools that enable organisations to promote and streamline events in real-time.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Volume of data is growing at a colossal rate and many organisations struggle to interpret this data into meaningful and intelligent business insight. Our expert team will transform your data and enable you to make business decisions based on sound business intelligence.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customisation

Sometimes an out of the box solution doesn’t quite work how you want it to, or doesn’t quite suit your unique business processes and this is where our team can help. With many years of experience implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM customisation for clients we can custom-fit your CRM software to your business needs.