About The Company

NehVi is a specialist IT managed services company with a strategic focus on delivering cloud, infrastructure, compliance, network and security solutions.

We specialise in finding the optimum solution to meet your operational needs and supporting business growth and transformation.

Making the Complex Simple to Deliver Results Technology is a key enabler. It provides your people with the right information, at the right time, in the right way to get the job done. We provide managed IT solutions and expert advice to deliver technology that will grow and flex, not only for today, but for tomorrow.

Enabling Technology, Supporting People Established by two founders who had a vision to create a company that delivered on the promise of providing a superior and proactive customer experience by being: • Client-centric • Having a flexible approach to deliver • Providing a breadth of technical knowledge.

Quality and Consistency Our commitment to deliver a quality customer experience have the strict processes in place across the organisation to ensure that we follow best practice in all customer interactions.

Personal Service If total time in business has taught us one thing, it’s that the relationship between service provider and customer is sacrosanct. As a private organisation we are not bound by stakeholders focusing on shareholder value, but can re-invest our IT managed services company, in our people and in our processes and systems to support our customers and deliver that personal customer experience.

Our People Last, but by no means least, we pride ourselves on having a team of highly-skilled, passionate professionals. We have a reputation for excellence in supporting and serving our customers.

Information Security Management At NehVi the role of protecting our customers information assets and data subjects is one that we take very seriously. As your IT partner we understand that it is important to you that we can demonstrate that we have implemented the relevant IT security precautions and processes to show that we are acting responsibly on your behalf and that Information Security is our biggest priority.

Approach & Case handling

We are committed to being customer directed and to meet our customer’s expectations, delivering on-target solution with in deadlines and within budget. Our customer oriented philosophy ensures :

  • We treat each customer as a unique entity and provide a unique solution to mirror that individuality. We deliver the solution at a price that offers the immediate value.
  • We help customer understand what to expect during the project implementation.
  • We believe in working together as a team.
  • We understand that a customer expects quick solution to his / her problems so we manage the project in such a manner that ensures that these expectations are met.